Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Judge Side Bias

Using Jon Bruschke's databases on, I have calculated some historical judge side bias.

For instance, for the 2006-2007 season (the courts topic), the aff won 50.10% of all ballots. The judges below are those most likely to differ from the general judge population that year:

Aff bias:

  1. Joe Koehle, Aff:56, Neg:30
  2. Kirk Evans, Aff:26, Neg:10
  3. Austin Carson, Aff:10, Neg:1

Neg bias:

  1. Joe Patrice, Aff:22, Neg:45
  2. Greta Stahl, Aff:26, Neg:50
  3. Erik Holland, Aff:1, Neg:10
  4. Brian DeLong, Aff:23, Neg:44
  5. John Nagy, Aff:15, Neg:32

Other years and more statistical details (as well as the code used to calculate them) are available.